Business Improvement District (BID) Update

Thank you to the businesses who attended the open meeting on 24th February at Rooms. Worthing.  It was good to hear from so many of you with your ideas, and suggestions, as the BID finalises the 4th term ballot proposal.

Many of the ideas were for events and additional Christmas Lights so I’m pleased to say our Steering Committee will be able to consider these without the need to change the draft Business Plan.  While we would love to implement all the ideas there will be no more money and so the implications of stopping something to accommodate the change will need to be fully considered by the Steering Committee.  There were a few other suggestions that the committee will be discussing at the next meeting to see if, and how, they can be included into the 4th term plans.

Currently Worthing Borough Council has an Overview & Scrutiny committee evaluating the BID.  Thank you to the businesses that have agreed to speak to the Council about the BID; we really appreciate you giving your time.  The Council needs to give permission to hold the ballot and so they are showing due diligence by reviewing everything.  The one thing we have been very clear about during the Overview & Scrutiny process is that BIDs are business led and business funded with the plan focusing on  benefits to Worthing businesses.