It is important for the visitors and workers in a Town Centre to feel safe and so the BID has several initiatives in place to ensure the town is protected.

Town Centre Rangers

The BID funds two Town Centre Rangers, who help deter crime and act as the welcoming face of Worthing.  The Rangers are the eyes and ears of Worthing, helping people find what they’re looking for, keeping businesses updated, offering first aid assistance and ensuring maintenance issues are reported and dealt with. 

The Rangers will help with Anti-social behaviour issues and will call the relevant authorities if assistance is needed.   The Rangers wear body worn CCTV cameras while on patrol and can capture evidence should it be needed.

The Rangers offer an important bridge between businesses and the security services, helping to deter crime by regular patrols and sharing intelligence data on those that may cause issues.

Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Membership of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership is free to BID levy payers and members are given access to DISC; which is a GDPR compliant platform to share information, including photographs, of active offenders.   Incidents can be logged and, if appropriate, reported directly to the Police to save lengthy waits on 101. There is a Business Crime Reduction co-ordinator who reviews incidents and ensures that the Police link cases where necessary and will escalate issues to the Neighbourhood team where appropriate. 

There is a Townlink radio network that is managed by the BID; businesses can purchase or rent a radio.  The BID funds radios for the Police and public sites such as the Car Parks and Coastal Office so the town can communicate and share information. 

To find out more about becoming a member of the Business Crime Partnership

 Become a BCRP member

Engagement with other Agencies

The BID team also engage with other Crime Reduction groups and ensure that national information and intelligence is captured and passed on at a local level.