Letters of no objection are non-chargeable but by accepting a letter of no objection you agree to abide to the terms and conditions shown on the application form and by this code of conduct. 

The Key points to remember re busking:

  • Busking sessions shall only be permitted from 10am until 7pm (Monday to Saturday) and from 11am until 7pm (Sunday)
  • Busking sessions should not be continuous or remain in one location (i.e. not more than half hour in one session or one location)
  • Under no circumstances should amplification be used during weekdays; you will be asked to stop busking if you have amplified music on a weekday.
  • Amplified music is allowed after 10am on Saturday’s and after 11am on Sunday’s. Members of the public should be able to hold a conversation in the nearest shop without having to raise their voice. If a request is made by a Town Centre Ranger or business representative to turn the volume of music down this should be done.  Repeat requests could result in the letter of no objection being withdrawn.
  • Buskers may not sell CD’s without permission from the Worthing Borough Council Licensing Department (01903 221068).
  • No structures of any sort are allowed for buskers; if you wish to erect a gazebo, table or other structure, you should call 01903 203252 to check availability of the event spaces within Worthing Town Centre and have evidence of public liability insurance
  • Street furniture such as lampposts and seating should not be used in any performances.
  • No member of the public shall be unreasonably interrupted in their use of the highway.
  • Buskers will not cause danger or obstruction to any member of the public or to property.
  • We do not regulate or reserve pitches 
  • Standard busking etiquette should be observed at all times towards other buskers 
  • Letters of no objection should be carried at all times for inspection by Police or the Town Centre Rangers
  • Any busker found to be abusive will have their letter of no objection withdrawn and will be reported to the police.
  • Any busker found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they are performing will have their letter of objection withdrawn and will be reported to the police
  • Any event that is booked into an event space will take precedence over general busking activities. Buskers should move location and not be within hearing distance of the event.
  • Under 16’s must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • A busker’s letter of no objection only covers one busker unless otherwise noted on the letter of no objection.
  • A letter of no objection does not guarantee a pitch or the guarantee of playing on any given day.
  • Pitches are on a first come first served basis each day and although Worthing has regular buskers no pitch is allocated to any busker.
  • Your letter of no objection covers you to busk in Worthing Town Centre only (not in any parks, foreshore or other area of Worthing).
  • The Town Centre Initiative reserves the right to ask buskers to relocate or stop performing should any complaints be received from businesses or members of the public.