For Activities in Montague Place / South Street Square, Worthing

1.   The confirmation letter for your booking must be made available on request during your event or activity.

2.    A  provisional  booking  of  an  event  space  is  not  confirmation  of  an event / activity.  Confirmation will only be sent once a booking form, evidence of at least £5 million Public Liability Insurance and (where appropriate)  a risk  assessment have been received. (Busking & leafleting activities do not require Public Liability Insurance or risk assessments)

3.    If the appropriate paperwork is not received 5 working days before an event the provisional booking will be cancelled, and the date made available to other organisations.

4.  The event / activity shall be carried out ensuring it causes no danger or obstruction to any member of the public or private property.

5.   West Sussex County Council and the Worthing Town Centre Initiative shall be indemnified against any actions, proceedings, claims, damages and liabilities which may be taken, made or incurred, consequent upon, or arising in connection with the event / activity.

6.   No member of the public shall be unreasonably interrupted in their use of the highway by an event / activity.

7.   The event / activity shall be adequately marshalled (if appropriate).

8.   Street furniture such as lamp posts or seating should be kept clear and not used as part of any performances, event or activity.

9.   All organisers, marshals and persons participating in the event / activity shall, at all times, comply with any directions which may be given by Police Officers, Civil Enforcement Officers, West Sussex County Council, Worthing Borough Council and the Worthing Town Centre Initiative.

10.  Larger events / activities will require organisers to carry out a risk assessment and submit this to the Worthing Town Centre Initiative prior to an event being authorised.  However, all organisers are responsible for carrying out a risk assessment for their activity irrespective of if one needs to be submitted with the application. 

11.  No structure, stand or vehicle can be placed where it will block the access, or views, to any business or trading area.  Any structures must be well maintained and properly secured.

12.  Any activity / event in South Street Square must take place in the allocated space and should not be located at the top of the steps/ block the steps leading to the Guildbourne Centre or the entrance to Warwick Street.  

13.  Under 16’s involved in an event / activity must be supervised by an adult at all times.

14.  Anyone under the age of 18 applying to busk or be involved in an event / activity must have a parent  / guardian submit the form on their behalf.

15.  Vehicles parked on either event area must not exceed 3.5 tonnes in weight.  (Except for emergency vehicles).  Organisers will be responsible for repairs / cleaning for any damage to the precinct as a direct result of an event / activity.

16.  Vehicles are not permitted to park on either Montague Place or South Street Square unless they are an integral part of the event or activity and any such vehicle must be approved by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative.

17.  Where permission for a vehicle to park on either Montague Place or South Street Square is granted, the Worthing Town Centre Initiative will provide a Parking Permit which will display the name and mobile phone number of the vehicle owner(s).     No more than two vehicles will be allowed as part of any event.

18.  The Parking Permit must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle at all times during the event / activity.  The Permit allows parking on the precinct only and it does permit permission to park in a car park or any on street car park spaces unless by prior arrangement with NSL services or Worthing Borough Council Car Parks.

19.    Any approved vehicle must be on the precinct by 10.00am and not moved until 4.00pm.  Vehicles must not be left unattended on the precinct at any time.  Vehicles and their contents are parked at the owner’s risk. 

20.   Vehicles are permitted onto the precinct to load / unload equipment or materials required for the event / activity before 10.00am and after 4.00pm.   All vehicles must be marshalled on and off the precinct.

21.   Where access to electricity is required this must be agreed in advance with the Worthing Town Centre Initiative.  

22   Where permission has been granted to use the power supply the cabinet will be unlocked by a member of the Town Centre team.  If a team member is not available then a key will be provided but if this is lost, damaged or not returned within the specified time, the event organiser(s) will be liable for the full cost of a replacement.  (A deposit may be required to cover this cost).

23. All electrical equipment used at an event / activity must be PAT tested and in good working order.  If gas is used as part of an event, then gas safety certificates will need to be submitted to the Worthing Town Centre Initiative. 

24.    It is a condition of the event / activity taking place that no collection of money is made for charity or charitable purposes unless a street collection licence has been issued by Worthing Borough Council. An application to collect can be made by telephoning 01273 263331.

25.   No sale of goods is permitted in these event areas unless a street trading licence has been approved by Worthing Borough Council (this includes pre-recorded music on CD.)  To find out more about street trading please contact Worthing Borough Council on 01273 263331.

26.   Businesses can be granted permission to use Montague Place or South Street Square for promotional purposes only. No business will be permitted to sign up members of the general public to any type of contract when using these event spaces for a promotional activity.

27.    Where amplification is permitted it must kept to a reasonable level to comply with Byelaws and must be reduced immediately if it is deemed unacceptably loud.   Members of the public in the closest premises to the activity should be able to carry on a conversation without the need to raise their voices. Due to noise complaints from local businesses and residents, amplification is not permitted Monday to Friday inclusive and not before 10.00am Saturdays or 11.00am on Sundays; performances should be concluded by 6.00pm.

28. The event areas are licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 for musical performance, however it is the organisers responsibility to arrange PRS or PPL licenses (if required).  

29.   Any litter generated by an activity should be picked up and placed in the rubbish bins.  Organisers will be liable for any additional cleaning costs incurred as a direct result from an event / activity.

30.     If an organiser cancels a confirmed event, and informs the Worthing Town Centre Initiative at least 14 days before evnt date, any monies paid may be subject to a full or partial refund.   A claim for a refund must be received in writing and are at the discretion of the Worthing Town Centre Initiative.  Events cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice will not be considered for a refund.

31.    Any event cancelled due to inclement weather may be rescheduled by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative and will be subject to alternative date availability.

32.    Approved events take priority over busking activities in the designated event areas.

33, Buskers must sign up and adhere to the busking code of conduct 

34.   The Town Centre Initiative reserves the right to promote a confirmed event or activity on its website and organisers may be asked to provide a copyright free photograph.

35, It is the organisers responsibility that their event / activity complies with any Health & Safety, Environmental Health and other regulatory legislation .

For all event or booking enquiries, please contact

Worthing Town Centre Initiative, 12 The Steyne, Worthing BN11 3DS

on 01903 203252 or email