The BID survey results are in

Worthing businesses located in the Town Centre contribute to the Business Improvement District (BID) and this generates an additional £250,000 spend a year towards their vision of the town … “being clean, safe and vibrant, a lively heart of the community, where visitors are engaged and businesses are inspired and prosperous.”

The BID lasts for 5 years and then businesses have the opportunity to vote on whether they wish to continue.  The next vote will take place in October 2022 and the TCI are currently reviewing the business plan to see what changes are needed for the period April 2023 to March 2028.

Thank you to the businesses that responded to the survey and here are some highlights

Businesses tell us the most important issue the BID should be addressing is …. Promoting the Town and its businesses with 51.79% of respondents highlighting this.

The scores for each of the current objectives (Out of 5) are :-

Events / Markets                                                          3.4

Business Crime Reduction                                      4.3

Clean / attractive town                                             4.8

Promote Town / businesses                                   4.8

Christmas Lights / activities                                   3.9

Visiting with info / providing support                3.9

81.48% of businesses have stated that the BID should continue for a fourth term, with 18.52% saying maybe if the business plan is right for them.

If you think there is something the BID should be doing then there is still time to  tell us so it can be included in the future plans.  The BID is there to provide additional services but we continue to work with the local authorities on issues such as parking, antisocial behaviour and street drinking as we know these can impact negatively on businesses.

If you are a Town Centre business and have any comments / ideas on the future business plan for the BID please email