The Worthing Gift Card Launching Soon

Industry experts suggest the recent pandemic has accelerated the move to online shopping by about 10 years meaning it is more important than ever to support your local businesses.   The Worthing Town Centre Initiative have been investigating ways to encourage people to spend locally, particularly over the lucrative Christmas period.  Gift Cards are great when you have someone that is difficult to buy for but these are often restricted to spending in one location; and those offering choice, such as Amazon, take the spend away from local businesses.

The Worthing Town Centre Initiative will be launching the Worthing Gift Card in November and these can be redeemed in all participating businesses; not just shops but cinemas, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and more meaning the recipient gets the choice of something they really want and the money stays local.   

Any Town Centre business, who can take a MasterCard payment, can participate in the programme at no cost.   Registrations are open now its as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 

Important – the gift card will ONLY be able to be spent in registered businesses so don’t miss out !!

If your business is within the Business Improvement District it will you cost nothing to participate in the programme and there will be no additional charges for accepting the gift card as a form of payment.  You will be charged the same as if you were accepting a MasterCard Debit Card payment

To Register

  1. Process a Card Holder Not Present Transaction for £1.00 using the following details:

         Card Number:  5388 9500 0447 2012

         Expiry Date: 11/25

         Security Code: 382

For the businesses that have iZettle who can’t accept swipe please do a payment link: (see link below on how to do this)

and send it to 07411515777 for £1

  1. Complete the form with your business information on this website
  1. Sign the Merchant Participation Form or follow the link from

This is a win win for Worthing … People get lots of choice from a gift and Worthing businesses benefit from keeping the spend local.