• We are delighted to offer you a position at this year's Worthing Food and Drink Festival!

    This year we had more applications than ever, so we had to be very selective about who was offered a spot, and implemented a points based scoring system.

    Please see below our terms and conditions, if you need any help filling out this form, please email events@worthingtowncentre.co.uk. The deadline for returns is 25th March, unfortunately any completed forms received after this time will not be considered.

  • You have the option to 'Save and Continue this form later' if you don't have all the information at hand. Please note that the link(bookmark or emailed to you)will expire after 30 days, so it's important to return via the provided link to complete your form submission.

    To comply with GDPR, until you fully fill in and submit the form, no one will have access to your information. We do not save partially completed forms. The entire form is automated for easy and secure processing of your information. Please ensure to complete all fields in the form, as every field is required in this form. If you do not enter the requested information, you will not be able to submit the form, and Worthing Town Centre cannot be held responsible for any insufficiency in completing the form fields.

  • 1. Contact Information

  • 2. Adverse weather

  • On previous years, we have had extremely hot weather, so it is essential that you are prepared and have thought about how you will keep your products cool. Also, the festival is held outside, so it is possible that it will rain, so please ensure that you have accounted for this when planning your trading space. Traders must have suitable weights to ensure their stall can withstand windspeeds of 30mph – any stronger than that and the event is likely to be cancelled. It will be the traders responsibility to either not erect their stall or immediately take down their stall should wind speeds increase while trading or setting up.

  • I have read and agree point 2
  • 3. Space

  • We use the information you give us to plan the event area, so please give us exact measurements only. We need to know precisely what space you require; incorrect information could result in us being unable to allow you to trade. Stall sizes must include your trading structure and any additional kitchen or preparation area behind the stall you may have. Please send an accurate width of your stall including any tow bars – space is measured to the meter so it is very important to be as accurate as possible so we can accommodate all traders.

  • If you require electricity please list the items and power needed – please note there is only 16amp or 13amp. If you are using a silent generator instead please let us know.
  • This year we have banned the sale of carrier bags, single use plastic bottles, plastic packaging and polystyrene. Please list below the containers you will be using-
  • In order to give everyone a fair opportunity to trade well, we are very careful about minimising clashes. Please list below everything you plan to sell.
  • 4. Certificates

  • Please provide all the current certificates listed below:
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          You can upload an image that says "not applicable."
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          • 5. Courtesy and respect

          • Our team work very hard to create an amazing event and we expect staff, customers, contractors and fellow traders to be treated with the respect they deserve. If you have any complaints about our team, you can escalate these via our complaints procedure to hannah@worthingtowncentre.co.uk. Any violence, or threats of violence will result in you being asked to leave and not invited to return. You will be provided with contact numbers for security and managers to contact if you have any issues.

          • 6. Parking

          • After we have received your completed forms, an invoice will be sent for payment. Once received, we will send you confirmation, a traders information pack and a digital asset deck for you to use on your social media and website. We will then begin announcing our traders and promoting your business as part of the festival via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and paid advertisements.
          • 7. Consent

          • "I hereby give my consent to the processing of my personal data for the purposes of participating in the Worthing Food and Drink Festival. I understand that my information will be used in accordance with the festival's privacy policy and for the purpose of event organisation and communication.
            Furthermore, I agree that my trading name, photographs of my business, images from previous stalls, items for sale, and photos of staff interacting with customers may be used for marketing and communication purposes related to the Worthing Food and Drink Festival. This may include promotional materials, online content, and other forms of advertising to enhance the visibility and success of the event."
          • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.